Mr. Scruff // Scruff Says What?

Keep It Unreal by Mr. Scruff


A set by Mr. Scruff is an expedition that can last all night, his sets are expansive journeys into blues, jazz, soul, funk, 60's R&B, disco, boogie, deep house, reggae, ska, rocksteady, dancehall, electronica, electro, hip hop, african, latin, drum & bass, breakbeat, or any combination of the above. This is an unpredictable man. He is also a cartoonist, his illustrations feature on his gig flyers and record covers, he also likes a cup of tea, the Mr. Scruff tea production company Make Us a Brew is based in Manchester. The man is expansive.

Mr. Scruff’s label Ninja Tune is also home to Daedelus, Roots Manuva, Spank Rock and Jaga Jazzist. This smatter of variety is a big part of the appeal, his Hotpot Radio Show with Treva Whateva is described as: “The perfect antidote to bland, McTune culture; hand picked ingredients lovingly worked into a nutritious aural casserole by Michelin starred DJs"...yummy! Get a taste of the man.

Josh Hill // Illustration: Mr. Scruff

Posted at 21:26, 23rd December 2009