SHITDISCO // 22.02.05

SHITDISCO by Toby Price


SHITDISCO liked to party, bassist Joe Reeves was once quoted as saying "partying is a political statement", their 61 West Prince Street parties (often attended by "muntered lunatics") were infamous. Their nationwide free-parties held in portacabins, squats and even one show in a disused train tunnel, assured the band's notoriety of throwing a “BIG-FUCKING-RAVE-ON”. They even made their own glow sticks. Party!

Back in early 2005, Subcity stuck SHITDISCO in a neo-gothic hall, their noisemakers turned up and plugged into our DAT player. That tunnel doesn’t sound so appealing now, huh? The recording pre-dates any physical releases from the Glasgow foursome, capturing the breathless exuberance and energy that you can't get from their competent 2007 debut Kingdom of Fear. It signposts what was getting peeps excited about SHITDISCO's wonky mix of disco and punk in the mid-noughties, amidst NME's nu-rave and heavy rotations of CSS.

Its ready to jump down your throat like the Buckfast, that you might, or might not have been drinking at 61. This is fast, bratty and sweet. Ah, memories...

Cheers: SHITDISCO // Photo by Toby Price

Posted at 18:32, 23rd December 2009