RM Hubbert // Hey Mr. Hubbert

RM Hubbert by Claire Quigley


RM Hubbert is a tap-plate-slapping stalwart in Glasgow and beyond. RM is a guitar player, thats it, no words, just a dude who totally rips on the guitar and who will throw a show in your house...for food. The songs are expansive, no lyrics are needed at RM shows, his playing is informed by his time as the guitarist in El Hombre Trajeado and a curious flamenco tradition. It's this combination that gives his shows and music such a characteristic vibe. Most of his music is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 UK: Scotland License (read: you can remix, share, redistribute and reuse the music as long as you publish it with the same license --so do it!)

RM's first solo album, First & Last, is available exclusively from his website with limited edition hand bound book with CD and contributions from Toby Paterson, Luke Fowler, Sarah Lowndes and many others. You might want that.

Josh Hill // Photo: Claire Quigley

Posted at 19:23, 16th December 2009