listen // The Ghost of Christmas past

Subcity studio circa 2002

The holidays are upon us again, and most of our presenters have gone home in the hope of a wee visit from Santa. This means our schedule is a lot thinner than usual, but we will be back on air with a full schedule from Monday 11th January.

Just in case you've been a bad boy or girl this year and Santa gives you a dingy, for the 12 days of Christmas (they start on the 25th by the way) Subcity will be delivering a new daily "from the archives" podcast to make you feel better.

The team have been digging through dusty boxes of DATs, VHS tapes and MiniDiscs picking out the highlights from the last 15 years of broadcasts and events. Finds so far have included everything from our 2004 Franz Ferdinand session to a cassette of a fabled interview with the KLF from 1996.

We'll be keeping you posted via the Subcity Facebook page on what we're treating you with each day. Although there's actually so much of this crap gathering dust that we can't fit it into 12 days so expect a trickle of old school audio over the next few months at least.

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Posted at 03:39, 23rd December 2009