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Subcity at the research club flyer may 2008

23rd May 2008
Hetherington Research Club
13 University Gardens (map)
£4 // non members welcome // 9pm-2am

Boom Monk Ben // Shaun fae Solar // Simon Bryan // Hudson Mo // Full Phat

Summer's here; it's time to turn off the radiators and stuff the jaikets back in the wardrobe, and Subcity's having a final blowout party to celebrate. Friday 23rd May sees the last in the series of the Subcity house parties at the Hetherington Research Club. True to the station's music policy on air, the nights have been about re-defining the clubscene: a hand picked selection of the station's talent playing every record like it's someone's living room and the police are on their way.

True to the station's reputation as a springboard for aspiring young DJs these parties have also showcased the best in new talent the station has to offer alongside the stalwarts of the city's clubs.

Since the start of the academic year, for one Friday each month, the drinking spot of postgraduates and professors has been transformed into a sweaty dancing box with a couple of hundred idiots out on the randan dancing to everything from digital disco fiends Record Playerz to Govan's finest selectors Argonaut Sounds.This last night is going to be a special one:

Starting things off is Simon Bryan, the newest find from the late night depths of the Subcity schedule: an unassuming bedroom DJ with a passion for minimal bleepery and German tech-house. Next up residents Boom Monk Ben and Shaun fae Solar will have four decks between them, but they'll be contending with Glasgow's fidget pioneer Full Phat trying to hustle his way on the decks whenever one of them turns their back. Expect a slightly worrying mix of house, baltimore, basslines and 80s pop classics all played through the excessively large soundsystem.

Following up this nonsense and finishing off the night is a man on everyone's lips right now, Hudson Mo (Warp / Luckyme). A Subcity veteran presenting various shows since his days as the youngest UK DMC finalist, he has recently seen success as a producer, having already being snapped up as the latest signing for Warp Records. His critically acclaimed Ooops EP sees Hudson re-jigging R&B tracks, slowing them down, deconstructing and rebuilding them with a deep, bass-heavy edge and a loose, almost frayed percussive swing - the result being a series of unbelievably heavy, funked up and utterly filthy reinterpretations that will no doubt wreak havoc in clubs long after this release has disappeared into the eBay ether.

It's going to be a messy one. The racks are being loaded with extra amps, the carpet's being rolled up, the paintings are off the walls and safely locked away. Arrive early to be part of the rammy.

Posted at 14:49, 7th May 2008