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Stereo // 16th February // £4 // Facebook

Coming soon: this time, in Stereo!

Have we got a programme for you. Subcity presents... all your favourite radio stars under one roof. (Every third) Thursday nights will never be the same again, as we launch a new monthly series considered too vulgar for the BBC, too edgy for STV and too highbrow for channel five.

Drama! Romance! Cheap cans of Oranjeboom!

Episode 1 (pilot) - airs 16th Feb

First in a new series. Things kick off to an exciting start when the exam results come in - but will the vicar accept culpability? And what exactly has Gloria been keeping in her outhouse for all those months?



Codeine Drums



Episode 2 - airs 15th March

Pam has a proposition for Donald - but will Derek be able to accept it?

Posted at 18:26, 2nd February 2012