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Subcity Night Vision

Subclub // Free with a Freshers Pass // £5 (student/ non-student before 11) // £7 (non-student after 11) // 14th September // Facebook

Face it. Summer’s gone, and it’s that time of year again where rollicking students in ties and fake glasses outnumber authentic school children 5:1.

It’s been a while since we last threw you kids a party, but this one should be enough to make you forget all about that demeaning summer job, and start remembering what it feels like to wake up knowing you’ve said goodbye to another two hearing grades. To kick off the year Subcity are heading underground, and we’re bringing the city with us. This is our night vision.

We’re not talking about the kind of night vision you’d find on ‘Derek Acorah’s Spookiest Bungalows’. There’ll be no heavy breathing, wobbly cameras or Early Learning Centre spy goggles. Instead, we’ve got some of the station’s finest DJ’s guiding you through the hottest records in their crates and pranging out the sweetest dubs for your bass starved ears.

Expect sound. Expect production. Expect hyperbole... licence pending.

Posted at 14:19, 5th September 2011