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Subcity Party on Dimension B Comic Cover

From the makers of Stay Fresh and the people who brought you the Party in Dimension B facebook event comes... the Party in Dimension B comic book!!!

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The cash-grab prequel to the sequel that no one asked for.

Are you a misanthropic virgin? Got an aversion to getting bokeh'd whilst in costume? Want to enjoy the mega wizzo aesthetic and hyper-relevant narrative background of a Subcity party in another dimension without all the fun, loud noises and social interaction? Look no further. This is one for the serial masturbators, chin-strokers and 'concept' appreciators. What's more, you can enjoy all this from the comfort of your own home - the internet!

With colours too vivid to print, a plot-line too contrived to question, and artists too important to talk about; the Party in Dimension B comic book offers the perfect accompaniment to super serious clubbers who take their clubbing super seriously AND the ideal substitute to those too skint to dish out a tenner to get in.

Experience the real thing in motherfucking 4d on the night, or enjoy the heavily punctuated spin-off at any time of your choosing on your own internet book: at home?!, work!? or play!?

Bold idea, bolder execution, bolderest illustrations - effects are instantaneous and guaranteed.

This online internet comic is available now through online, at the internet and in websites now!

The Subcity Party in Dimension B comic book: like a flyer, but 12 pages long!!

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Posted at 17:02, 28th October 2010